We are an Ambassador
and Concierge Service
for the Sportfishing Industry.

Let me introduce

Burro’s Bait, Tackle & Marine Services.

We are NOT your everyday brick and mortar bait and tackle shop. We are an ambassador and concierge service for the sportfishing industry. We supply our customers, our business partners, and all sportfishing enthusiasts with high quality services through our vast array of industry-leading contacts, fishermen, and vendors. Our services include :

Our years of experience in the industry – practicing what we do day-in and day-out, adjusting with conditions and trends – will keep us in front and earn the respect of our customers.

We want to align ourselves with the best in the industry, and have sought out your company to be a preferred vendor and partner in our quest for success. Like us, we know you take pride in providing quality products and top-notch services, with a “we-do-what-we-said-we’d-do” attitude.

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We would ask all anglers that go fishing to make the same commitment.

- Kilo Charlie Sportfishing